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Audi radio code

Audi radio code

Calculate the 4-digit activation code for the radio or navigation of your Audi car. All you need is the serial identification number of the stereo unit. This number always begins with the letters AUZ and you can find it by removing the unit from the center of the console.

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Nissan radio code

Nissan radio code

Unlock the activation code for your Nissan radio or navigation. The 4-digit code is calculated from the serial number. Find this serial number on the radio display or on the rear label. Works for all original Nissan models. Works for Micra, Juke, NV300, Note and more.

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Ford radio code

Ford radio code

Get the activation code for your Ford brand radio from the 7 or 12 digits serial number. You can calculate the code for both radio and navigation. This service is entirely free and works for all original models: 6000 CD, Sony, 4500 RDS, 5000C, Travelpilot, etc.

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Volkswagen radio code

VW radio code

Get the 4-digit code for your Volkswagen car radio. All this generator needs is the 14 digits serial number that you can find on the back of the unit. This generator is compatible with Golf, Passat, Beetle, Passat, Jetta and more. All codes are delivered in minutes.

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Why is my car asking for radio code?

Most brands install security-coded radios in their cars. That is, these units need a code to work, and this was done to prevent theft. However, this system gives owners much more problems than thieves since it is activated every time a power failure occurs in the car. Example: Battery change, dead fuses, alternator change, etc. The activation code always comes with the new car on a card, among the other documents. If you have bought a second-hand vehicle that does not have this card or you simply lost yours, then we can help you. All that is needed is the serial number that you can find on the back of the radio.