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Get the code for your VW radio from the VWZ 14-digit serial number.


Simple radio code retrieval

Code unlocking service for original radios in Volkswagen vehicles. You can calculate the code for any model, of any year from the unit serial number. We guarantee every code we provide with an instant refund policy: If yours doesn't work, obtain the money back. Acquire your code simply, quickly and without friction.

Sound2 RDS
Volkswagen radio RCD310

Finding my serial number

Time required: 15 - 30 min

Where is it located

All VW radios have a unique identification number, which is printed on the back of the radio. This serial always begins with the letters VWZ and is usually 14 characters long. You have to remove the audio unit to be able to visualize the label that contains this number necessary for the calculation of the code.

How to remove my radio

Removing the radio unit from your Volkswagen car is very easy. The process only takes a few minutes, a plastic edged tool and a star screwdriver. Using the plastic tool, remove the trim around the radio. Using such a tool, you avoid cosmetic damage to this mould. Once removed, you can see the four screws that hold the unit, which you have to unscrew. Pull the unit out until you can see the label and serial number. Here is how to remove a RCD310 unit for example.

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