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No music in the car? Do not wait any more! Generate your original Ford radio code free and instantly. All you need is the serial number of the device for which you want to get the code.

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How do I find my serial number?

Every radio installed in a Ford car has a label on the side that is visible when it is removed. Some more modern models like 6000 CD can display the series on the screen. See this video  Comment trouver le numéro de série - Youtube youtube icon

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What's the price for getting my Ford radio code

Getting the radio code for your car is completely free on our website. We hope that in gratitude you share our page on your favourite social networks. We also accept donations by Paypal.

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How to remove your Ford radio

Radios in Ford motor vehicles are easily removed using the extraction keys. Depending on your model, you may need four flat extraction keys or two round end extraction keys. To give some examples, the more popular 6000 CD model (more recent from 2005), needs the flat keys but its predecessor, the 6000 CD RDS E-O-N model needs the round keys.

To remove the unit, insert the keys into the removal holes, which you can see in each corner of the unit, and press left and right by pulling on opposite sides and out. The unit comes out without having to force it.

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How to enter Ford radio code

The secret code is composed of four digits from one to six, each one corresponding to each line.

To enter the first digit of the secret code, we will repeatedly press button 1 until the first digit is entered.

If you need to enter a 0 (zero), you have to press the button ten times.

After entering the four digits, press button 5 to confirm. If the code is correct, the radio can now be used normally.

If the code is wrong, some models show "WAIT 30" on the screen. This means that you have to leave the radio on for 30 minutes to be able to try another code.

On the right side of the screen there is a number that counts the failed attempts. If this number reaches 10, the stereo unit is locked. You can get another three attempts by holding down button 6 for about 15 seconds. Do not waste these attempts because they are the last.

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